By sandwich, of course, I mean bread with filling. The bread can be a bun, slices of loaf bread or flatbread including tortilla.

January 2023

She usually asks for pasta but, this year, she asked for a modified version of bun bo nam bo, the Vietnamese beef and noodle dish that English-speakers…
Lunar New Year celebration is never complete without food. And food superstitions.
It is a new year, after all. While most people lean towards something new, I'm looking back while moving forward.
Unless you're in the southern hemisphere or smack in the equator, days are cool and nights are chilly. Here's a delicious way to warm up.

December 2022

Breaking the champagne tradition with a luscious mango-based cocktail drink
Reheating is not the only option
A list of suggested holiday menus that center around beef stew. Salads, soups, side dishes and desserts are included.
Despite its name and shape, Filipino embutido is more American meatloaf than Spanish sausage.
If you have a passion for having your extended family over on Christmas Day, but don't want to slave over all the prep and cooking, then be a…
Serve your holiday dessert in style
I know it's been two years since the last newsletter